Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Torture described independantly by detainees

Human Rights Watch, the U.S. based human rights organization made up of lawyers, journalists, academics, and country experts, has published descriptions of torture taking place in Afghanistan.

Guards without uniforms
Men from various countries detained indefinitely for unexplained reasons
Nobody knew detainees whereabouts or circumstances
Total darkness for weeks
No food for days
Filthy water for weeks
Chained to a wall for days
Not allowed to sleep or sit for days
Blaringly loud bad music and "halloween" sounds lasting weeks
Being punched
Having water poured over their faces to make them think they would drown

These elements are corroborated by the stories of some current Guantanamo detainees via lawyers the detainees have been allowed to talk to. The torture occured in Afghanistan, and is described in this article on Human Rights Watch's website.

But according to Secretary of State Rice, the U.S. does not do these kinds of things, and there are no secret prisons where we do them.

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