Thursday, December 22, 2005

Banning "western" music

Now this is just plain fucking stupid. Some fundamentalist bury-your-head-in-the-sand-guilt-ridden backwards-ass control freak in a high place "bans" western music. Nobody is taking this seriously over there, according to this NPR interview w/ an Iranian DJ I heard yesterday (this link points to an page w/ a button that'll play the radio story in either WMV or RealAudio).

Having fundmentalists in high places has got those people used to attempts at repression. You get thrown in jail for blogging, you get thrown in jail for playing the wrong kind of music, they have some absolutely psycho laws regarding control of women, too.

But can you see my point about fundamentalism and letting it, and religion in general take a place in government? People need to realize that religion deserves respect but it's not perfect and has no inherent control over people- just guilt.

After all, we are just humans interpreting what we believe to be divine- just humans, all our prophets, priests and priestesses, etc.

I think knowledge is key here- study history, comparative religion, sociology, current events. Critical thought in education- Liberal Arts is not a dirty word, people.


yif said...

we should follow suit and ban western music here in the usa. er, i mean country western music, er, i mean "new country" (not to be confused with the good stuff).

had the unfortunate experience of witnessing an "alan jackson's christmas special" on the cable country music channel. all the sickening plastic smiles and boring whiteness of the worst of anything on the lawrence welk show ca. 1965, proving that bushco and the evangelicals have suceeded in resurrecting most elements of 50's mundane mindcontrol. reagan would be proud though hank williams is rolling in his grave. hell, even hank jr. is probably upchucking his pabst.

how is that crap somehow a political pawn, that so called pickup-truck driving confederate flag sticker voting block that became an issue when howard dean made reference to it on the campaign trail? how did NASCAR suddenly become so popular with politcal candidates scrambling for photo ops in the grandstands? (one can only hope for a replay of indy 1973 and a wheel or two and flaming fuel into the stands...).

its just the ongoing "anti-intellectualism" (bill hicks) gripping the nation...

chuck7 said...

Ya know, it's really interesting how shitty commercial country music became a vehicle for the ridiculous xenophobic "you're a pussy if you don't by the party line" arguments. I guess whoever designs that brand of shit-music thinks folks who listen to country music are stupid. I think it's more like people who just blindly accept the canned crap fed to them on commercial radio need to adust their brains a little bit and watch out for added doses of fake patriotism and Bill O'Reilly-style crapola.

Too bad about the "you're pussy" arguments and country music. There is so much cool stuff out there in the country realm, and it's just getting a bad name cuz crap like an Alan Jackson Xxxmasss.