Friday, December 16, 2005

NSA spying on U.S. citizens w/ shakey cause

So now we find out the NSA has been involved in domestic spying for a few years. BushCo in typical secretive fashion sidestepped the law & freedom itself. See this story in Reuters. All this comes out right when BushCo has Condoleeza Rice up there saying how much they've respected civil liberties &tc. throughout the "war on terror." A pack of lies is wrapped up this manuever, and in the way BushCo went about letting the NSA spy on us. Also see this story in the Washington Post.

How can you believe anything that someone who lies all the time says? Once they start lying, how can you believe anything?

Will BushCo and Bush himself ever have to answer legally for all the bad things they've done, and the way they've cried terror, war and national security all along the way?

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RebelSaid said...

Thats how goverments keep there power. Fear is used to gain more power for the ones on top.