Saturday, October 18, 2008

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just in case someone says the rightwing is bitter

sexuality mixed with domination mixed with violence- the unconscious side of the Arizona legislature's gun-mania

I've enabled comments on this blog again- for folks w/ google accounts. I've also enabled moderation. This blog gets only 5-10 hits per day, but my virulent Anti-BushCo posting and my criticism of Arizona State legislature's moronic attempts to arm every half-wit yahoo in the state and allow those arms to be carried w/o permit in schools and college campuses, has caused some real creeps to come outta the woodwork. Like slimy insects eating your food, they post reasonable-sounding but twisted arguments and long, LONG blocks of text full of yet more twisted arguments, designed to give the American rightwing extremist spiel the look of academic legitimacy. For a time I considered a separate, "Moron blog," where I'd offload the crap and comment on what I thought the commenter's perlocutionary intentions were. However it never got that thick.

But I was particularly offended by someone who defended arming school campuses in the wake of a rash of college mass murders, like 5 people are going to pop up and become instant cowboys and prevent the crazy guy w/ 15 guns and an intricate attack plan from carrying out his suicide assault.

My feeling is that regulations and laws are there for a reason. If you can justify getting a carry-permit, fine. However, too many seriously mentally ill folks are ending up w/ arsenals. The latest being the Delos case, which I blogged on below, which could have escalated into something much more serious than a rolling shooting spree across the Northside of Tucson. For crying out loud, it was bad enough- he killed a good police officer, wounded a few others, and shot up his neighbor's front doors! Over barBQ smoke!

The guy's blog or myspace was covered w/ pics of him and his rifles, and he'd scared the shit outta former women friends. And the smug asshole I mentioned above commented w/ the argument that deregulating handguns would prevent such things from happening. The crazy guy had rifles which could kill from a mile off, could hold dozens of bullets. Offended, I was.

Intentions of this guy? A troll. Just doing whatever to uphold the appearance of the rightwing "cause," which includes being stupid as shit, ignorant, and proud of it, and calling on pseudoscience, twisted words, twisted logic, attempts and twisted concepts to win an argument and change minds. That shit's for idiots.

Friday, October 17, 2008


The foundation of EVERYTHING. Live 1979.