Friday, September 30, 2005

Bennett (not Meese) and the downall of BushCo

[Update--it was William Bennett, not Edwin Meese, that made the incredibly stupid remark about abortion, crime rate and the color of human skin.]

Ooh, it was just a little theoretical genocide....

Of course BushCo, et al, said Bennett's (not Meese's) language was not appropriate! Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, even that hardcore rightwing clown who used to write speeches for Nixon, what the hell was his name, oh yeah Pat Buchannan (sp?), would say Meese's statement was bad!

Of course Bennett is making BushCo and the whole phony baloney bullshit "conservative" cause look like idiots, since Bennett is pulling down big bucks yammering on the right wing radio circuit.

Hey Bill Bennett, if you aborted all human fetuses, crime would go down, since we humans are the particular kind of animals that commit crimes, you fool.

Momentum and the fall of BushCo

"Big Mo," it used to be called by a football loving jock I used to work with.

Momentum 1: DeLay in trouble, actually indicted in Texas of all places, for what amounts to political money laundering. DeLay is one of the most cocky and negative of the Neocons, working to pack Texas with republican congresspeople, simply so the rightwing could get their way in Washington.

Momentum 2: Judith Miller, accompanied by the publisher of the New York Times, testifies in the Grand Jury looking into the matter of Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA covert operative being revealed by someone close to the top in Washington. The revelation came after Plame's husband, in a New York Times op-ed piece, criticized BushCo's rationale for the invasion of Iraq. The op-ed piece was written after evidence was published suggesting Iraq was not really a global threat after all. It's a crime to reveal info about agents, and that's the reason for the Grand Jury.

Basically it looks like BushCo stepped on its own foot in trying to punish Plame's husband for speaking out against BushCo and the invasion of Iraq.

But what a story, somewhat twisted- involving the not only the op-ed piece, but a column by Robert Novak, which was where Plame's association with the CIA was supposedly revealed. Rove's chief of staff, Lewis "Scooter" Libby, is supposedly the source the Times reporter Judith Miller wouldn't identify- Miller spent 85 days in jail for refusing to testify, btw. The source finally agreed to being identified and that's what led to Miller's 4-hour testimony yesterday.

Apparently Libby, Rove's [actually Cheney's] chief of staff, confirmed to Times reporter Miller that CIA operative Plame's role had indeed been revealed to the columnist Novak by Rove. Libby and Rove, according the AP, also met with another reporter from Time magazine, a Matthew Cooper, and told Cooper something about Plame. It looks like Wilson's testimony was key to the Grand Jury since she can corroborate what the Time magazine reporter testified to.

Convoluted. I'll have to dig up the press articles involved- the article by Novak from, I believe, 2003, the op-ed by Plame's husband in the NYT. Wonder what Matthew Cooper from Time and Miller from the NYT wrote, as well.

Didn't mean to go on and on but my point is this makes the Bush administration look very bad. This is this kind of thing that can go a long way towards showing some of the supporters exactly how those people do business. The supporters seem to bury their heads in sand, buying into myths about a liberal media, and etc. See my site re BushCo- the Oliver page.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

104 degrees

Ah life in Tucson. Where else can you roast in 100 plus temperatures in the last days of September? It was 108 the day I was born- in Sacramento. No wonder I ended up here.

Not to say I'm not getting a little tired of Tuscon, having been here since 1978, October 21, in fact, my Dad's birthday, in fact. I remember when I came here- I was 17 and had dropped out of not one but two highschools, the second being the righteously good Sandy Spring Friends, in Sandy Spring, MD. My folks were packing up and getting ready to come back to the Sacramento area after our 5 years in Maryland. My brother here in Tucson told me I ought to come out for a couple weeks and visit, soak up a little of Tucson. That was it, I've been here since.

Every time I go up to San Fran to see my friends I take a breath of that nice sea air, look around a bit and then I don't want to come back.

Feeling like a stranger here for 27 years. I feel like I'm home when I'm up there.