Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weekend America interview

"Weekend soundtrack" segment...

Yee HA! It's up. Thanks to Weekend America and Michael Rapheal for giving me the opportunity to tell my story!!

12/29/08: PM...Hey Apple computer users, this podcast won't play on your Mac in Firefox, try Safari. :) I'm posting an excerpt from an email to the show's producer, the awesome music geek Michael Raphael.
Hi Michael,

...Speaking of Facebook I heard Weekend America is getting canceled. Bad
news. Weekend America is entertaining, and more. Your program lets
the voices of people around the country be heard, and gives people a
chance to share their stories with the public radio audience. Another
good thing about your show is that the giant money-making machine that
is commercial media has no hand in this process. Weekend America does
a truly fine job of demonstrating that the mass media is a public
resource. Neither I or any of my friends can even stand to listen to
commercial radio or television.

Let me know what is going on.


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EFF Christmas carol

The only xxxmas carol I feel like singing. Remember, because of Bush and his publically acceptable psychopaths, they are trying to step on every right you have. See this link at the EFF for more information on how the fight to restore the constitution has progressed in 2008, with a strong focus on internet usage.

Remember, it is wrong for our government to spy, snoop, and treat you like you're guilty till proven innocent. What you do is your own business. This country belongs to us, not Bush, not private security companies, not paid mouthpieces, not commercial media, not churches & creepy religious interests.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

chuck7 website down weekend of 12/7/08

For about the 5th time the dickheads at my ISP have made my website disappear. They usually do it on a Friday, and I usually find out when I go to post some cool new photos. Then they make we wait till Monday, "when the admins are here." Then I get to talk to some guy with a radio voice who can't understand that I don't use Windows, then something about how I need "index.htm," then stunned silence when I say I avoid Microsoft products if possible, then they say goodbye, then my site comes back pretty soon.