Saturday, December 06, 2008

chuck7 website down weekend of 12/7/08

For about the 5th time the dickheads at my ISP have made my website disappear. They usually do it on a Friday, and I usually find out when I go to post some cool new photos. Then they make we wait till Monday, "when the admins are here." Then I get to talk to some guy with a radio voice who can't understand that I don't use Windows, then something about how I need "index.htm," then stunned silence when I say I avoid Microsoft products if possible, then they say goodbye, then my site comes back pretty soon.

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CW Spec Coll said...

C7 sez: they actually restored my site Monday morning, without comment, and without the usual email soliciting my opinion on how their tech service person had done responding to my call. They also solicit comments. This is what I would have said: "your tech support staff, as always, did an excellent job. however this is the 6th time my website has disappeared without warning or explanation. It is the first time my site has reappeared without a humiliating conversation with a mac-unfriendly 'admin person.'"