Wednesday, November 21, 2007

University of Arizona new Architecture addition keeps getting shot up


A new glass building on Speedway Boulevard in Tucson Arizona is apparently an easy target for countless lowbrow idiots driving up and down the street. Speedway has for decades been a magnet for gearheads, kids, people just cruising, all in the name of fun. Of course a gorgeous new building along Speedway's southern side in the northwest corner of the University of Arizona has drawn the attention of the few bad apples that tend to show up in crowds, ruining the fun for everybody, including those working late in the building.

Show some respect, morons. Maybe if you got an education, or made use of the education your parents worked so hard to be buying you right now, you'd understand that not only are people usually working late in the building, not only do you have no right to shoot at buildings- in this case a public building your taxes paid for, but that YOUR thoughtless actions do nothing other than fuck up all of us. The University is there for everybody. Those of us on the staff work very hard to enable it to fulfill its mission- to discover, build and serve. If you need help extrapolating, this mission can be interpreted as being involved in the betterment of this world, and giving you and others the tools to ensure we don't destroy our own planet. This does include CIVILIZED BEHAVIOR.

Information and pic are via the Arizona Daily Star. Story by Tom Beal at this link. Sorry their links only last a couple weeks. Pic by David Sanders.

UPDATE 12/10/07. UA police arrested & charged 2 young Tucson men on 12/8. From the UAPD press release:
The University of Arizona Police Department has made an arrest in a recent case involving damage to the University of Architecture building. An alert student who heard projectiles striking the windows of the building called the UAPD on December 8, 2007 at 10:03 p.m. Witnessing a vehicle leaving the area the student relayed the information to responding officers who were unable to locate the vehicle upon arrival. Corporal Jeff Kamper later spotted a vehicle matching the description of the suspect vehicle and with assistance initiated a high-risk stop.

Two suspects were identified and an air pistol (BB type) was located after the stop. Detectives questioned both suspects this evening and have charged both subjects with felony counts of Criminal Damage over $10,000.00 and Conspiracy to Commit Criminal Damage both Class 4 Felonies.