Thursday, September 29, 2005

104 degrees

Ah life in Tucson. Where else can you roast in 100 plus temperatures in the last days of September? It was 108 the day I was born- in Sacramento. No wonder I ended up here.

Not to say I'm not getting a little tired of Tuscon, having been here since 1978, October 21, in fact, my Dad's birthday, in fact. I remember when I came here- I was 17 and had dropped out of not one but two highschools, the second being the righteously good Sandy Spring Friends, in Sandy Spring, MD. My folks were packing up and getting ready to come back to the Sacramento area after our 5 years in Maryland. My brother here in Tucson told me I ought to come out for a couple weeks and visit, soak up a little of Tucson. That was it, I've been here since.

Every time I go up to San Fran to see my friends I take a breath of that nice sea air, look around a bit and then I don't want to come back.

Feeling like a stranger here for 27 years. I feel like I'm home when I'm up there.

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