Friday, September 30, 2005

Bennett (not Meese) and the downall of BushCo

[Update--it was William Bennett, not Edwin Meese, that made the incredibly stupid remark about abortion, crime rate and the color of human skin.]

Ooh, it was just a little theoretical genocide....

Of course BushCo, et al, said Bennett's (not Meese's) language was not appropriate! Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, even that hardcore rightwing clown who used to write speeches for Nixon, what the hell was his name, oh yeah Pat Buchannan (sp?), would say Meese's statement was bad!

Of course Bennett is making BushCo and the whole phony baloney bullshit "conservative" cause look like idiots, since Bennett is pulling down big bucks yammering on the right wing radio circuit.

Hey Bill Bennett, if you aborted all human fetuses, crime would go down, since we humans are the particular kind of animals that commit crimes, you fool.

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