Sunday, December 11, 2005

Paris Hilton Shrine

In Rhode Island. Suburban neighborhood. The kind of place where you see a lot of Santas and cute litte reindeer on people's snowy lawns this time of year. Not for this guy Joe Moretti, who usually has an unusual xxxmas tribute on his lawn instead. Last year it was Martha Stewart. Bizzare eh?

I like the huge blurry color photos, also the disgusting subject matter. Paris Hilton is neither beautiful or sexy, but the thing is that we are supposed to find her so- for some reason.

The first thing Moretti's neighbors think of is sex...some say "ah, no big deal," some are totally offended and worried about their grandkids associating xxxmas with sex, some, e.g. an old man quoted in the Washtington Post's story said, "hey, nobody should be ashamed of their sexuality." Sex, sex, sex, that all the neighbors think about.

What about seeing the guy's xxxmas display as a commentary on the commidification of xxxmas? A bold, full color set of panels, out of context, in a front yard, during the most commercial season of the year, of the biggest commodity of them all, Paris Hilton. Beautiful, but not because of Hilton.

Ok, OK. She's kind of cute but the fakeness, the celbrety crap is gross. She might look very nice in a pair of jeans w/o makeup and hair color &tc.

I guess there's a manger in Moretti's display too! According to a blog call the Defamer,
"A nearby manger scene playfully recasts Joseph and Mary with Paris and current Greek shipping heir beau Stavros Niarchos (with removable head, in case the romance ends before the end of December), and the infant Jesus with Hilton’s adorable pet monkey, Baby Luv."

"Recasting" the manger's infant Jesus w/ Paris' pet monkey? Cool!! Not that there's anything wrong w/ whatever religion people choose to follow, but this is the kind of gesture that says a lot about the "religious right's" moron-asshole-bury-your-head-in-the- sand-our-way-is-the-only-way-return-to-the-dark-ages guilt-ridden and contolling attitudes. Somehow.

And more from the Defamer, regarding Paris' very uh, welcoming pose:
"And while the larger-than-life image of Hilton spreading her legs at the center of the shrine might give some pause, they might reconsider their righteous ire when they learn that the pose is meant to accommodate the placing of over a hundred gifts for underprivileged children between the celebutante’s splayed thighs on Christmas Eve."

Now I think that's downright sweet.

And of all the digging I did, the Defamer Hollywood blog was the only place that mentioned the charity aspect or the manger.

Merry fucking Halloween everybody. C7

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