Tuesday, December 20, 2005

BushCo negative Christmas wish-list

BushCo has not been getting its xxxmass gifts.

Instead, a number of disappointments have come along this holiday season for BushCo. Each event is really a gift toward the people of the U.S, I mean all of us whether you buy the BushCo line of bullshit or not. After all, don't we all want safety, a strong military, jobs, health, freedom (see the Bill of Rights), a democracy, a healthy environment? Pretty much everything BushCo and the Neocons do or try to do is aimed at destruction of one important thing or another, accompanied by rhetoric to the contrary, and vilification of anyone who doubts or disagrees. However, Republicans and Democrats both are starting to say they've had enough of BushCo's disregard for the law, the environment, the people of the U.S, and our standing and respect among the world community.

The list of BushCo Christmas-time disappointments:

1. The Plame affair. An illustration of the back-stabbing, treachery and treason common in the Neocon business-model. A Scooter Libby has been set up to take the fall in what amounts to an acknowledgement of BushCo lawlessness and cheating. He is pretty high up, but still takes orders from people higher up yet, and the grand jury is not done yet. An indictment of Rumsfeld or Cheney, a couple of old-time bad-conservative puppetmasters, would be a major event, not only whipping the Neocons into a revenge-motivated froth, but also a demonstration that laws do count, our government must abide by the law, and nobody gave the executive branch permission to disregard the law.

2. The reports of U.S. secret prisons abroad & what they do. Shedding light into dark places. Of course we need to interrogate & arrest people conspiring to attack the U.S. But you can't just scoop up people, fly them around the globe and torture them in weird locations. That's wrong. Knowing about it is not a national security threat. Knowing about it just sheds light on BushCo ways of doing things, BushCo incompetence. I love the little built-in argument: "Don't be a pussy, they're terrorists, they don't deserve to be treated like human beings, etc." Well how does abuse help obtain information? What is abuse other than just abuse? Don't cowards ("pussies") always resort to abuse? Are well trained interrogators capable of finding things out more efficiently? They must be. All this torture just looks like rough-shod corporate incompetence, like a private company won a big bid to do our dirty work and did a really shitty job of it. Which is probably exactly what's happening- probably an obscure subdivision of Haliburton.

3. The denial of the secret prisons and torture. Wow did that backfire. If there is a single soul who reads the news and who is not rolling their eyes and thinking, "how can you believe any organization with a history of lying?" I'd be surprised.

4. The McCain anti-torture bill. There was no way BushCo could not go along with this. Of course they were dumb enough to oppose it at first. But why is it that this bill's passage is seen as a blow to BushCo and a blow to the Neocons?

5. The massively unpopular "war." Hey, why are we over there, and shouldn't our military be here at home to defend us, people are beginning to say. Republicans, democrats, ordinary people are asking about how it's about time to end this. Wow it's coming out in the laundry. Behind all this is the failure of the BushCo characterization of anyone opposing the "war" as radical, left-wing, unpatriotic, a supporter of terrorism, etc. They sure did try, but it's hard to portray Nam vets like McCain & Kerry as unpatriotic. It's hard to hang those negative labels three quarters of the United States of America population. And once again, BushCo tactics, the "Swift Boat Vets" being a good example, are coming to light.

6. The Senate fight against the Patriot Act's insanity. Once again, bipartisan. Once again, BushCo crying national security. Giving police unlimited power for warrentless, secret searching and snooping has nothing to do with protecting the U.S.A. from attack. This kind of policy has everything to do with an administration that is afraid of opposition from its own people. It's not hard for police to get a warrant to search- evidence is presented to a judge. Evidence. That's why we have a Bill of Rights- so we don't end up with a paranoid administration that just wants to start keeping tabs on critics, dissidents, doubters, and millions of others who may exercise the right to free speech &tc. "Wait a minute, what about civil liberties, what about the constitution?" cry the conservative and the liberals together. "Where is this country going?" Once again BushCo shows its true colors by countering with think-tank generated arguments made of vague but highly persuasive half-truths. Bush's arguments are weak, emotional and full of vague threats, and up there for anyone who can read to take a look at.

7. National Security Agency warrantless domestic spying. The thing about this problem is that BushCo demonstrated its disregard for law, its tendency for secrecy and acting above and around Congress and the Judicial branch. The NSA will never have problems doing what it needs to do. But nobody except the Neocons gave the administration power to authorize the NSA's new role in domestic surveillance. And that is exactly why Bush, the Attorney General, et al are now loudly crying how very legal their policies are, how this was actually authorized by Congress, how the President always respects civil liberties, how only Al Queso suspects are the ones being spied upon, and anyone who says otherwise is a traitor, a disgrace and a scumbag.

8. The intelligent Design hoax. BushCo looks to the religious right for support; unquestioning, blind, obedient support. And the religious right always wants to say society is poisoning its children, society is against Christianity, etc, whenever the rest of us go, "hey wait a minute I don't want to be a part of your fundamentalist belief system and your religion has no place in government." So, events in PA where a schoolboard that supported the intelligent Design hoax was voted out, and where a District Court recently ruled that the board could not in the first place force the teaching of "intelligent Design," (aka Creationism), have demonstrated that people are not really willing to put up with this crap. The response from the BushCo/Neocon rhetoric-machine will be to attack the judge and label him an "activist judge," of course, while the truth is more like we have concepts like separation of church & state, and scientific evidence, which are kind of like cornerstones of civilization. Teach your children well, fundamentalists. Teach them how to get interested in history, western civilization, science, critical thought and argumentation. If you want a free country, think for yourself and let the rest of us do that too. And remember, secular humanist is not a dirty word, nor is liberal. They are just concepts which have had mud kicked on them by those who want to silence the voice of civilization.

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