Thursday, February 23, 2006

Roller derby in Tucson

Emily "Fisti the Kid"... breaks loose from the pack during a bout in advance of this weekend's flat-track tournament.
Rich-Joseph Facun / Arizona Daily Star
A well written article from the Arizona Daily Star:

Women who elbow in :
National gathering here spotlights sport's comeback

I like the part about the "bizzarre stream of consciousness narrative." That I have got to see. The article also says the teams who are eliminated during the "jams" will retire to the beer garden. Now that is my kind of sport- go out there and give it your best, and retire to the beer garden.

Plus, where else can you see cool bands, drink beer, and watch women who are not a bunch of whiners engage in a great wheeled sport? See


Anonymous said...

Skates? I sure do like 'em on tough chicks! They whirl around the ring like sweet monkeys...I have purchased their used socks on the internet.

-Dave Salve

Anonymous said...

Roller Derby leaves me blind and
anxious. The same thing used to happen while I watched reruns of
Gunsmoke. I don't know, problems seem to beset me. Once I had a seizure on the cross town bus and when I woke up my shirt was gone
and someone had written "lenny" on
my stomach.

Blaine Kemp

Anonymous said...

What's all this roller derby nonsense? No one's worn a derby in over 80 years other than Star Trek
I'm working on a new book and hanging out. Sometimes I go for gorditas.
At the resturant I'm known as Mr.Snickers. I like nascar racing.
I often fight-off friends who try to murder me in my sleep.
War is my uncle.

Dylan Neighbors