Sunday, February 05, 2006

The President's law firm -- Gonzales

Buried in this A.P. propaganda piece about BushCo's effort's to sanitize its passion for warrantless searches is a good description of a trend, a perception. The democrats, quoted in the article, state it well:
"The issue is whether this Justice Department, more than any other, is an arm of the president, sort of like the president's law firm,"

Charles Schumer, New York

"Regrettably in my view, he has continued to act like the president's in-house counsel."

Patrick Leahy, Vermont

That really rings a bell. You can almost imagine the dialog from damage control meeting: "Hmm, better bring the Attorney General forward, create a shroud of legality here..."

I'm guessing what a lot of people are wondering about the NSA spying program (euphemistically referred to as "eavesdropping" in the paper now) is just how widespread is this kind of thing and just who's getting targeted? It's hard to believe the spying is just data mining overseas phonecalls between terrorist suspects. If this were the case warrants would obviously not be a problem for those in charge of preventing attacks against the U.S.

"...the president does have the legal authority to authorize this electronic surveillance of the enemy in a time of war."
But who is the enemy? In a paranoid, secretive, controlling, lying, lawless presidential administration like Bush's, just who do they think the enemy is and why is the Bill of Rights being systematically dismantled?

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