Friday, February 24, 2006

Article doesn't mention corrupt AZ Treasurer's political party

This article in the AZ Daily, by Capitol Media Services' Howard Fischer, contains a very nice, articulate, clearly written story of an investigation of the AZ State Treasurer. The article tells why he's being investigated- some really creepy, corrupt-sounding stuff, mind you, and gives specific examples of the Treasurer's doings. The accusations center around this guy, the Treasurer of Arizona, and his complete waste of taxpayer dollars in promoting a business he's got financial ties to. Where it gets creepy is that the business has something to with "character education," and people in the Treasurer's office were required to attend "character education programs" weekly, with the State paying the Treasurer's own character education business for the classes. It gets thicker, with the Treasurer trying to get his program installed in Arizona schools, and on and on. I won't put the guy's picture in this post, as he looks like a disgusting, poofy-haired, businessman PR-bullshit expert. God, what slime.

My point here, is, however, that the article makes no mention of the Treasurer's political party. Gee, I wonder what party? The Greens? I don't know, the article certainly does not mention it.

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