Sunday, February 05, 2006

A Boehner masquerading as a fresh face. :)

This article in today's Arizona Daily Star was a little bit less of a propaganda piece in spite of its headline " Republicans' 'fresh face.'" This guy Boehner (I'm not going to make any jokes about his name but you can find them here and here in the sarcastic Wonkette blog) (but I guess you could speculate whether that's a halo or a condom in the photograph) is the Republican's new man as majority leader in the House, post- DeLay. As we all know. Ahem. What's good about the article in the star is that the article mentions something Boehner ought to be famous for (no, not his name, which I'd probably change to Jones), and has a description of him that matches the would-be famous incident.

The description:
"Distinctive for his perpetual tan and cigarette in hand."
The incident:
"Boehner was forced to apologize in the mid-1990s for distributing checks from tobacco companies to his colleagues on the House floor."

Oh, man. The guy is not only from Ohio, the center of the universe in terms of Republican election scumbagery, he is not only involved in the Abramoff scandal ("Last month, Boehner — pronounced BAY-nur — refused to return some $30,000 in donations from American Indian tribes represented by Abramoff."), he not only runs his own Republican money-funnelling agency (The Freedom Project? Give me a break!), he actually distributed checks from tobacco companies on the House floor. On the House floor. To colleagues. Checks from tobacco companies. ...And he smokes. All the time.

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