Monday, November 07, 2005

White phosphorus


And I thought the use of depleted uranium (which burns armor but then leaves behind radiation) was horrible.

See this story in the 11/7/05 UK Independant.

--Phosphorus bombs ("Willy Pete") and an enhanced form of Napalm known as Mark 77 were supposedly used over there, in Falujah, a year ago. All this according a documentary being released by RAI," an Italian state media organization, called Fallujah: the Hidden Massacre.

Was this really necessary? Are there better things our tax dollars should be spent on?


inculcated said...
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inculcated said...

you mean you would rather see money spent to educate people or provide universal health care? to the gulag with you!

chuck7 said...

You should see the pictures of the people burned by the phosphorus. They are just totally barBQ'd.

CW Spec Coll said...

Hi, nobody I know of has removed any posts from this blog.