Thursday, November 03, 2005

Secret Prisons

Secret prisons are not secret anymore. This just does not sound like my country. I just sense something really horrible and ill about this. Rundown of the story is here in Newsday. ...Once again AZ Senator McCain figures prominently, speaking out against torture and things that are just plain wrong.

C'mon people, where are our tax dollars going? Secret prisons? Is it not time we all start wondering about such things?

Plenty of conservatives (McCain is one) have had it with this crap. Another prominent idea that seems to be behind what I see as a split in the Republican party and a massive loss of NeoCon power is the idea that the military should be for defense, i.e. for defending the U.S, that the military should not be spread thin overseas, leaving us here at home vulnerable to some catastrophe or other. Maybe that's what they want. Who knows what the Neocons will pull when they are driven to the wall, and the pattern of dishonesty, deception, deceit, disregard for the law, and destruction becomes increasingly exposed.

Other thoughts:
How long will it be before we start seeing pictures of u.s. prison inmates in hoods? How long before prisoners are exposed to cold temperatures, shocked, threatened with dogs, exposed to extremely loud noise, etc?

The press is fuctioning, at least somewhat. Things that're happening are at least getting reported. What a ray of hope. You can bet the spin at Fox and thru Limbaugh and his clones is in a heavy gear. I ought to be comparing some of the statements from that camp w/ others, ought to be holding them both up to quick analysis vs. accepted principles of journalistic integrity, vs. recognized attributes of persuasion.

I really think BushCo is on the run -always has been, in fact. That's what happens when a company weaves a web like that. But what will they pull next? I mean, it's getting popular for people to say, "hey, it's about time for one of their famous diversions of public attention!" -jokingly. The point is this strategy, knowledge of it, that is, used to be kind of esoteric. So, I think it'll be a "take wind out your sails argument-" maybe doing nothing, making no comment while working furiously to fix things behind the scenes, or else some crisis, real or otherwise, to divert people's minds from our fucked-up invasion, our fucked-up reasons for doing it, and the fact that people are not so divided as the Neocons want us to be.

Divided over a canard. I've said it before- we all want the same things: safety, family life, jobs, the chance to excel, succeed, do something good with our lives, socialbility, health, happiness, freedom. I used to think people were coming together when Clinton was president, then I started seeing us all somehow divided, mostly over a bunch of bone-head, primitive, old fashioned ideas that don't even deserve public debate.

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