Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Watching history

Good thing they did not use a Chrysler limo, it would have probably broken down halfway there

(From an email)


When it looks cold on tv back there, it really is. I fucking been
there. Jr. High, outside for fire drills, or waiting on the schoolbus
stands out to this day. Good thing the [Maryland] fall and spring were so nice. ...I
totally went to school with a whole ton of black folk back there and got to
know the dirt-poor and the proto-yuppies both. I heard a lot of ugly things said and race riots were common a year or two ahead of me at my highschool. Somehow I got perspective and hope and now I am honestly not surprised to see a black man be president. We used to smoke the weed with kids whose big brothers had fought just a couple years ago. I am honestly blown away to see MLK day and Obama's inauguration on consecutive days. All the talk about Lincoln, [and] Illinois. Interesting. People treat history like a joke, like it does not matter unless it's pop entertainment, but now you can see [the subject of] history's not something add to the "useless liberal arts" category. All of us folks who [spoke up] and [said] "hey this is wrong, it needs to stop," ... maybe we really can stop some of the really wrong things going on.
And not get tortured, shot, jailed, spied on, slandered, libeled, harassed, poisoned, intimidated, attacked, badmouthed, pushed around, bullied, or psi-opsed.

2. The network anchors are kind of morons, not very good speakers at all,
although what they say is not as stupid you might think. They just string
it all together in one sentence so there's no discreet units of meaning.
The commentary is like junk blowing by in the wind. They just said 3
year-olds love to say "Obama." It's easy to say for them. Michelle Obama
is 5'11" and the 10 year girl is already very tall. They had a whole long
interview about Michelle Obama, and selecting clothing. Relevant, clothing
discussions? You bet. Relevant to at least half the population. [The point being the network "reporters" are not that short on subtance but still weak in style and obviously, for people who are supposed to be journalists, are not that skilled w/ language, meaning these folks are used to being cute and saying what they're told to say.]

My old friend from [Xxxx] posted to "Now I know how you all felt the past 8 years. I'm moving out of the country." [He] is no longer [on my section of that website]. Fuck him, I don't need that shit. I can remember him saying "I like Reagan, he put money in my pocket." Sure he did, and you were [working hard, earning low wages and drinking too much] and living in a hovel and driving a beater car and when you needed treatment you didn't have insurance cuz the employer didn't give a fuck about you. And now you managed to escape those days and still be alive you still you are believing whatever crap [Rush Limbaugh et al] feed you.

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