Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Arizona governor tired of "betting on the come"

WTF?? Brewer adds herself to a long line of whacky Arizona governors. From today's AZ Daily Star:
Brewer has been vague on her own plans for dealing with the budget. But without naming Napolitano, Brewer said in an interview Friday that there has been "irresponsible management" of the state budget.
"There has got to be spending cuts," she said. "We have gone down the path of using gimmicks and rollovers and 'betting on the come' that revenues are going to come in higher than they were projected."
Brewer said many legislators, and even the general public, are not fully aware of the magnitude of the problem facing the state.
"I believe the people of Arizona are in denial and they've got to step up and face reality," she said. "We've got a huge historical crisis in the state of Arizona."

...According to this article in the 1/17/09 AZ Daily Star.

Our outgoing governor Janet Napolitano has a budget remedy sized up thusly in the same article, which article's title was so wisely chosen by the Star to be "Napolitano releases budget plan, but it's likely to be ignored
By Daniel Scarpinato"
Outgoing Gov. Janet Napolitano released a state budget proposal Friday that seeks to get Arizona through shortfalls this year and next by relying on borrowing to salvage government.
But incoming Gov. Jan Brewer, the secretary of state who is set to replace Napolitano within days, warns there will be cuts. The state, Brewer said, can't continue to rely on what she called "gimmicks and rollovers."
With her resignation likely to come next week, Napolitano wants lawmakers to borrow at record levels, delay paying bills, withdraw nearly all the money out of the state's savings account and make targeted cuts to state agencies.
And Napolitano wants to do it all without laying off any state employees or eliminating governmental agencies
Gee Whiz, ya mean she doesn't want to take people's jobs away or eliminate services our tax dollars pay for? Well, we can't have that now, can we?

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