Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ricard Serra installation

Installation of this dynamic sculpture by the infamous Ricard Serra, my favorite sculptor, at the NY MOMA. Serra's works are generally huge, will dwarf you while confronting the site.

Here is a sculpture, View Point, in Germany.

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Anonymous said...

Serra is OVERrated. Serra is bloated egoist preening before an audience of fools who adore him in order that their sophistication be
You want REAL art? Then go to Shake's writing. Sure, he wears a diaper, but he's ALIVE.
Serra is pompous, inflated whore of the "art world". God, makes me ill just saying it.
Hell, he once tried to fellate me in a SoHo Bistro--Serra, not Shake---so I know his filthy nazi truth.

Arnold Gordo Jr.