Monday, September 17, 2007

Ralph Nader speaks at Washington protest

The photo below makes it look pretty bad, but looking around on YouTube and reading various stories, the police and the peace marchers behaved fairly well, all things considered. The worst behavior was coming from the attendees who believe in the "war" and who came to harass the peace marchers.

"The impeachable offenses of Bush outnumber any other list of impeachable offenses of any US president," Nader said. "Not only did he and Cheney violate their oath of office to uphold the constitution and the laws of the land, but they proceeded to impose a practice of torture, to arrest thousands of Americans without charges and throw them in prisons without lawyers.... They spied on millions of Americans randomly without judicial approval. How many more impeachable offenses do those spineless, gutless, hapless Democrats need in the Congress."
From this article on Raw Story.

Here are a couple quotes by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who also spoke at the protests:
“I’ve been in Iraq every year since 1989, and I’ll tell you it’s never been like this before” said former Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who described the quality of life for Iraqis as “unlivable” and illustrated a growing refugee crisis in Iraq’s neighboring countries as Iraqi citizens flee the war.
"Nothing is going to stop this machine but to impeach Bush and his gang and bring the troops back home,"
Clarke was quoted here in Broadside online and here in the L.A. Times.

Some YouTube vid here:

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