Thursday, March 01, 2007

Lightening it up with Isabel Baker

Alright, let's lighten it up here. I ain't saying nothing about the Brian Jones hairstyle in the photo but I'd kill for the old Fender Mustang. Listen to Isabel's caterwaulin' gospel here.

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the family cat said...

I just got the 3 mp3 files and must say this is pretty damn good stuff.The group behind Isabel really cook and she has a beautifully flat voice not far off Cathy Carter-who was only 9 years old anyway in 1965 which makes you feel good.
Possibly the first ever Christian rocker this album ought to be out on CD

Anonymous said...

Isabel's like the mid 60s christian version of Lydia Lunch.

... said...

Jesus Christ this is brilliant! I must find this record.

Gav said...

That's not a Mustang, it's a Jaguar.