Thursday, March 15, 2007

diversion vs. replacement plans for attorney generals

Hm not quite sure what to say about this one but I know I am not the only one thinking it. See this link at the LA Weekly blogs.

The point is, as has been pointed out to me, isn't it funny the terms mastermind, mega-confession and 911 have been floating around all of a sudden right after the whole fucking country finds out that BushCo had been about to fire the entire staff of United States Attorneys General and replace them with new Attorneys General who agreed with BushCo? The seriousness of the firing of the 8, the disregard for law, the trashing of checks and balances, the destruction of the independence of the judiciary, not to mention BushCo's shitty rhetoric surrounding the topic, quickly became a serious enough issue that Brittney and other fluff-crap could not eclipse it.

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