Saturday, October 28, 2006

OK, this is insane

This story demonstrates not only the traditional disregard for the rights of schoolchildren, but also the popular current psychopathic alarmist pseudo threat-related behavior on the part of vague authoritarian military/police well-armed behind the scenes troops. Whoever was responsible for this should lose their jobs but will most likely be promoted instead.

Who is dispensing terror here? Our own government, home-grown crazies, or foreign crazies?


Lawrence Spike said...

Oh I got your insane!
I have got it right here!
You don't like cops?!
Well move to Panama Sunny-Jim!

-Lawrence Spike, OPD

Anonymous said...

My Father was a psychopath and he
was a damn good cop. He loved to rub out little "snarlies". My neighborhood was filled with trenches. No one ventured out after
dark unless they cleared their throats first. My father beat me until I became good and my mind was
littered with otter traps.
I love my father. I love all the graves in our peaceful town.

Spiro Falwell