Tuesday, October 10, 2006

America getting sick of "Conservative" morons

This is a quote from a recent email to a friend out of state:
There's a governor's debate on the tube tonight. The repub. challenger started right off talking about family and that same code crap. I don't think those morons know that shit is getting old with the rest of us. I thing the radical right repressive minority makes up about 2% of us. Since they are repressive, they seek to cover up the dealings and the statements of the rest of us. That's what Bush gets for getting into bed with those fools, but it was perfect for them, and his neocon thinktanks approved it cuz it's another perfect subterfuge, ala Reagan. As scared as we are of neo-fascism, what we see is nothing but the impotent attempt of the same assholes from the Reagan age to fuck us over. Sooner or later, all of us will be about as serious about Bush as we were about Reagan.

Welcome to politics in Arizona. The conservative moron running for governor is behind a big anti-gay marriage deal here in Arizona. He started his intro statement to the debate with "I love everyone in Arizona." Well, unless you're gay, or unless you support gay people. That equals about 98% of the population around here. So the guy does not really love much of anybody, only those who go to his church or who do not like gay people. So the only way this guy can win an election is with the help of Diebold and their slimy vote manipulating computer hacks. Welcome to outsourcing in the post Reagan age. If they can't fuck over the people they're supposed to represent using our own government, then they'll hire an outside company to do, and pay them using your tax dollars. Brilliant. This is why we have business masterminds like Rumsfeld running important areas like defense. Way to go. Thanks.

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