Friday, June 30, 2006

Taking back our meanings

"As far as I'm concerned nobody can be too liberal. Liberal means educated. Liberal means a tempered view. I do not accept the Republican view of the term liberal."

Marge Swien
Retiree who supported Howard Dean for president in 2004

Twisting the meanings of words is a way of miscasting, smearing, others. Are you a liberal? Well there's nothing wrong with it. Rush Limbaugh and other paid rightwing mouthpieces have tried to redefine words and make you, in the eyes of anyone who believes what Rush and those other fucking idiots say, into something that you're not. Simple playground name calling, society's oldest preoccupation.

What a huge, long list of words they use to try to shape what others feel and think. It's just lying.

It's nice to see people taking back their meanings.

The quote above comes from a story in the 6/30/06 AZ Daily Star regarding yesterday's visit by Howard Dean.

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