Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Physics factory teachers group takes Bio-bus to Syracuse

Now this is clean living. A group of science teachers from Tucson is driving their biodiesel powered bus across the nation to a meeting of the American Association of Physics Teachers in Syracuse NY.

The group of teachers, who calls itself the the Physics Factory, drives the funky blue bus pictured above. They've taken the trouble not only to convert the thing to biodiesel, but have also turned the rolling monster into a mobile physics lab.

They will stop and fill the tank with grungy, used vegetable oil, starting at a potato chip factory in the Phoenix area. The bus gets 5-8 MPG, not much worse than you average, idiot-driven, no-educational-message-whatsoever-except-maybe-as-an-example-of
pure-stupidity Hummer!

Biodiesel is not too new, but it's gaining some attention. A friend has a story about an art-bus that went around the country on biodiesel, I believe the story made it to Boing Boing, I'll have to look it up and post the link as well talk to my friend about the story.

Read about biodiesel here. Apparently any diesel engine can be converted without being too costly, and the fuel is clean burning. Want to stop the horrendous damage to the planet?


Missy said...

It was my friend DJ's project. The video was called, "The Fat of the Land". Here is a site that has a little bit of info -

Here is a site with the recipe. It sounds like greasy work.

Jen Prileson said...

I'd love to know what days the biodiesel bus is going to be in Syracuse, and whether it's a part of the AAPT conference going on this coming week or what. Can someone find out and email me? If so, I'd appreciate it because I'm trying to figure out travel options in the Northeast US. Jen