Saturday, March 25, 2006

This is Phoenix Friday 3/24, as thousands protested against Republican senator John Kyl's attempts at border policy. There was a protest in Tucson too, and protests across the nation too, according to this story in the Arizona Daily Star.

What's interesting to me is the massive opposition to Republicans and republican policy in general right now, which this photo demonstrates (pun acknowledged).

I've always hated Kyl, he's been around since the Reagan/Bush the 1st days. Kyl was immediately identified as the kind of Republican that doesn't acknowledge constituents that are not right wing fundamentalist morons. For example, when I argued against cutting overtime pay, since this move pretty much makes slaves out of us- and treating people like slaves should never be tolerated- Kyl's office sent a letter back that was loaded with the most moronic business-speak drivel I've ever seen. Kyl doesn't really serve the rest of us or represent us in Washington- although he supposed to. Kyl serves people like Dick Cheney and represents the kind of idiotic policy that is ruining our country.

Another thing interesting about this story and photo is the contrast with another story published in the Star Friday morning. The headline?
Cheney: Keep Kyl in Senate
Vice president's visit raises $500,000 for re-election bid and Arizona GOP

Cheney's motorcade came right up the main boulevard in my neighborhood. Riding home from work Thursday there were police positioned up and and down the street- I wondered what that was all about. I figured it was a VIP since they looked so bored.
Anyway the story was basically the Star pissing all over itself giving a pep talk about old Dick. A strong contrast to the massive public opposition to the Bush administration.

To quote Cheney:
"As democracy advances, ideologies that stir anger and hostility lose their appeal," he said.

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