Saturday, March 18, 2006

Exposing Diebold and election fraud

An office temp and out of work actor in the L.A. area exposed Diebold's role in allowing the use of uncertified and defective voting machines in California 2 years ago. Now two years after the fact he's being charged with theft of data, burglary and receiving stolen property.

Because of Stephen Heller's actions in exposing Diebold, California sued Diebold for 2.6 million dollars and temporarily banned Diebold's machines from use in the state. Diebold has been linked to slimey doings wherever it does business in electronic voting machines. Time and time again Diebold's name comes up in connection with innacuracies in vote tallys. Now Diebold is jumping up and down with glee as a whistleblower is prosecuted.

Articles in the Merc are here and in the L.A. Timesand here.

Blog post here in the Obfuscation Report includes a link to a site where contributions to Heller's legal defense fund can be made.

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