Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Gonzales Protest at Georgetown

Ya, ya, ya, so I'm posting something that already got posted on Boing Boing, who cares? Boing Boing has a way of boiling things down that I really like- they get to the point.

The Point is here, that the Bush Administration, AKA BushCo, is trying to establish a legal precedent for warrentless searches. Boing Boing tells here of law students at Georgetown University bravely getting up, turning their backs, and holding up a banner with a famous quote by Ben Franklin. These actions took place during BushCo's Attorney General's rhetoric-storm regarding the supposed legality of warrentless searches.

Giant hole in BushCo rhetoric: if the warrentless searches of phone records are about suspected threats of attacks on the U.S, why not just get a warrant? It's all about letting BushCo slime its way into being able to do whatever it wants, that's why. It goes to show you they are depending on the people who hear news of Gonzales' bullshit-tour to be either: uneducated, feeling powerless and beaten, or worried about not towing the party line.

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