Sunday, January 08, 2006

BushCo meltdown comes out in the laundry

A funny article in the L.A. Weekly called "4 Reasons to Be Glad Bush Is Still President" not only lists in plain language the reasons this is such an absolutely fucked-up presidential administration, but also states clearly a very timely point: Bush & friends did some really stupid things in the first 4 years, things so stupid that the consequences are now being seen all over the place. And those consequences show just how bad the Bush administration is.

Points from the article
The national debt. Now it's at 8.1 trillion, up 40% from 5.7 trillion, while Clinton's conservative balanced budget has been smahed to bits. Some economists are now worried about a total economic collapse in the U.S. Great. Thanks BushCo.

The invasion of Iraq. Had Kerry been president, getting us out of that mess would be on his shoulders. Instead, now the mess is the responsibility of BushCo- and now the drain on resources, the Haliburton-style corruption, the violation of human rights, the deaths, the instability- BushCo is also responsible for all of that.

The election seemed fishy to many of us. We all thought Kerry was winning. Then, poof! A mysterious situtaion in Ohio and a few other states turned that around pretty quick. My point about this is nobody talks about it anymore. It's one of the most sickening things, and it makes you feel so powerless. Do you remember the asshole who worked for the voting machine company- a Republican who was feeling mighty cocky at the time, coming right out and saying they were going to fix the election?!

It seems like that cockiness is gone now and more and more evidence is coming out in the laundry. You can't just trample the democracy we live in and not be held responsible, and as scandal after scandal unfolds, as more BushCo slimy doings come to light, more and more people know it, and more and more the people like O'Reilly and Limbaugh start to look like the clowns and bullshitters that they are.

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