Wednesday, October 19, 2005

DeLay and the downfall of BushCo

Arrest warrant issued for DeLay. DeLay is being arrested on corruption and money laundering charges. In Texas. See this AP story.

My cousin Jennifer down there in Texas told me that they are all not a bunch of buttheads down there, and I guess this backs up her statement.

Naturally, AP plays down the facts, "oh, of course this is just routine, happens all the time, the warrent is ALWAYS issued, just proceedural, mind you," Blah blah blah.

Momentum. Remember a couple weeks ago when I posted about "Big Mo?" OK, well momentum is happening. I said long ago they are all going to jail. BushCo, et al are not immune to the law. Apparently their strategy was to act like they are immune to laws, "we're takin over, n' yer laws're goin' the way of Old Europe." But that doesn't cut it, like the playground bully and his friends who all the other kids finally get sick of.

Imponderable: What will the Christian Right do when they no longer have a man at the top? And finding themselves increasingly recongnized as a bunch of half-assed Neandethals. A loud-mouthed minority at best, ruling through guilt and fear- "God sez this, god sez that...we know cuz we're in touch with god, yessirree. An' you better buy the party line or you're gonna find out what it's like to be rejected by a bunch of guilt-dispensing moron half-wits." With BushCo losing credibility, they don't really have much to stand on.

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