Friday, October 14, 2005

Brazil's government dumps Windows OS

Wow this is amazing. See this post at boingboing- Brazil is switching all their computers to open-source software cuz Brazil is sick of Microsoft's huge licensing fees.

Nice move. Not only is Windows' UI infuriating and obtuse, not only do wierd things happen when you copy files, not only is Windows designed to NOT work with the rest of the computer world, you have to pay huge amounts of money to do things like access Windows servers, individual databases, etc. etc.

My old boss was such a Windows goodie-goodie, jumpin' on the bandwagon at every new release. He'd attend a conference, read a book or two, and spout off how great the new MS platform was. When it came time to pay the fees and licenses? "We're not even going to mention that," he'd say. Wow.

What a goof. I used to tell him we should not be using Microsoft products at all. He'd look at me like I was a nutcase. Meanwhile, the other programmer (I was NOT a programmer at this job- I was the net admin) on the staff, a versatile, open-minded engineeer on whom my fat-ass boss relied for a lot of good code and solutions, was busy loading Debian Linux on old Macs and PC's, and participating in the development of Debian in his spare time. "So that way, we're not beholden to either Bill or Steve, right?" he'd say, grinning ear to ear. What a guy, I sure do miss him. He was also very encouraging of my ability w/ the tables and intricacies of databases, of which we had a lot at that place. The other guy, the fat-ass, really strove to keep me out of that area and tried to set me up to fail on more than one occasion. I kept outsmarting him and he eventually fired me! Asshole.

Anyway. Gilberto Gil, Brazil's Minister of Culture, from the boingboing snippet:

"'This isn't just my idea, or Brazil's idea,' Gil says. 'It's the idea of our time.'"

Makes me want to get back into the business. Maybe I could invent a database (based on an open-source platform) that was full of tips and tricks for outsmarting fat, lying Machiavellian assholes...

[12/17/05]-->This Linux blogger in MO had a relevant post regarding the ongoing un-Windowsifying process in MA.

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