Sunday, September 14, 2008

Republican Convention report in Tucson Weekly

Photo and story by Sam Stoker. In this week's Tucson Weekly and probably a bunch of other Weeklys around the Nation. The story is about how U.S. citizens were treated when trying to protest against the "Republicans" at the recent convention in St. Paul.

put you in jail with a beer
and your fear

an attack and a snack
with conservatives

wave a sign in the zone
where you say what they say

wave your sign in the cage
when they say that you may

Free Speech Zone
Free Speech Zone
Free Speech Zone motherfucker

you're a hippy you're a freak you're a radical
you're powerless and you're weak
and invisible.

you're on a plane full of dope
private security

nobody knows where you're at
you're invisible

wave your sign use your voice
nobody's listening.

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