Sunday, June 10, 2007

World Naked Bike Ride Day 2007

Hopefully YouTube will not remove this video. [Update 6/14/07: fuckin' prudes! They removed this video. It was really quite innocent and well shot.]

What strikes me here is not only how trim these people are (us bike-riders, you know, we keep in shape), or that World Naked Bike Ride Day was on my birthday this year, but the sheer numbers of people that turned out to protest our filthy, violent, gas-belching habits we all indulge in when we drive. This is 4 minutes of people in London riding 4 abreast, peacefully, nakedly protesting the fact that we are slowly destroying ourselves by burning fossil fuel.


Anonymous said...

I showed up naked without a bike and was beaten senseless!

-Arnold Gordo, Jr.

Anonymous said...

I too showed up naked and rode my
bike over Gordo's bloated body.
I went airborne and injured my

Blaine Kemp