Sunday, August 13, 2006

BushCo and the 5th ammendment

Editorial writer Sarah Garrecht Gassen has a piece in today's (8/13/05) Arizona Daily Star detailing provisions and relevance of the constitution's 5th ammendment. Her premise is basically the 5th ammendment is about not getting scooped up and trampled by the government on a whim, i.e. "protecting the ordinary from the powerful."

In a day when the constitution is being dismantled, trampled by people like Dick Cheney and his pals at BushCo, and the word "freedom" is reduced to cheap stickers on the back of pickup trucks, keeping informed about our rights is more important than ever.

It's worth a look at the comments link at the bottom of the editorial to see the moron viewpoints and the more realistic arguments of those who read the Star.

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